SME Website Building And Marketing Strategy Experience Sharing

12 July 2021

To keep up with the trend of the information age, it’s inevitable that SME websites come forth promptly, in addition, there is no much difficulty in building a professional enterprise website by cost of several thousands yuan at present. 

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Those companies could make use of the internet and website to promote products to potential customers. In the beginning, many companies will set an ambitious goals, eg, how to get more orders, however, after completing website construction, they encounter with more resistance, ultimately making website a tool with little value. Viewing from domestic small enterprises, how any of which are energetic? The author has analyzed the four facts resulting in above phenomenon as below.

1. The deferred updating or long-term non-updating becomes the common problem for small/medium-sized enterprises. They have run websites for years as original as the initial website, some even do not update their changed contact, thus, some customers will corporate with your competitors for inconvenient contact although they were intent to corporate with you. In fact, as small enterprise website covers less information and keep simple maintenance, they just need to update industrial news, company news and promotional information, especially on product information, company should not only display product image online but also give explanation in detail to express their purposes to customers, etc.

2. Due to simple service type, small/medium-sized companies could not interact with customers without nice design on relevant column, failing to improve user’s experience. Generally speaking, a website should cover those parts such as company introduction, product exhibition, contact us, company recruitment, message online, company news and so on, especially should update the production exhibition column and online message timely with quick response. Besides, website design should comply to SEO standard, not with flashes or pictures spread all over that is inconvenient to perform optimization and obtain more network traffic!

3. The promotion power is a little bit weak, some companies staff even do not know their own website address or some addresses are incorrect, which to some extent is a tragedy. Generally speaking, website address should be added on any other promotional tools such as the suffix format of email, name card or production manual. Meanwhile sufficient preparation should be made for online promotion with appropriate approaches eg use the assorted information internet or yellow pages or release some soft text, so that website is noticed, and such absurd joking can be avoided.

4. Lack capital investment. Website require for maintenance, while no much funds will be input into such small/medium sized website, company just needs 1~2 staff to manage it. And maintainers mainly focus on website promotion and customer service, for professional technical problems, website design company will solve. Maintainer is mainly committed to developing potential customers and promoting company image, which is actually the original purpose of website design, not regard it as a decoration.

Of course, there are also well-operated websites run by specialized persons and they can bring about considerable sales profit. Therefore, website construction success doesn’t mean promotion success, not to speak of operation. A company website should be at least capable to improve company image, highlight brand popularity and increase business sales, only with these can it be qualified information construction for small/medium-sized enterprises.