Guangzhou Mini Program Development Trend

12 July 2021

In today's mobile Internet era, technological innovation will bring about a complete subversion of the business model. With the birth of small programs, the mobile Internet industry has also ushered in a new wave. The current development prospects of small program development are worth looking forward to.

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Mini Program-New Trend of Smart Retail

Smart retail is a word that makes e-commerce friends familiar. China's retail industry has undergone three major changes. From the beginning of physical retail to the subsequent virtual retail, the retail industry has undergone tremendous changes, and the third time The change is the smart retail that we are currently experiencing

The core of smart retail is to use Internet, Internet of Things and other technologies to perceive consumption habits, predict consumption trends, and then guide manufacturing to provide consumers with diversified and personalized products and services. Physical retail and traditional e-commerce need to integrate online and offline when transforming to smart retail.

With technological innovation, the future of the retail industry that relies on the era of big data is smart retail.

The future development of smart retail will be reflected in three aspects

   1. Embrace the technology of the times, innovate retail formats, and reform circulation channels;

   2. From B2C to C2B, realizing big data to lead retail;

   3. Use community capabilities to achieve personalized services and precision marketing.

   Now more than 94% of smart phones in China are equipped with WeChat, and WeChat has the largest community system in China. The emergence of small programs has given rise to a new trend in smart retail. As a new technology, a new channel. How companies use WeChat's big data and large traffic to pull small programs to achieve personalized services and precision marketing will become the focus of attention for nowadays.

At this stage, the outlet for smart retail is unmanned retail. Unmanned retail is also unattended smart retail. It is a new retail form that applies the most recent technological achievements today and is highly automated and intelligent. Unmanned retail is the best representative of smart retail.